Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How do the prices work and is there insurance?

Our prices are ex VAT, shipping and import duties.
For pallet shipments, we have small additional cost for packing.

For only € 9,- your shipment is fully insured.

Is there warranty on your equipment?

Yes. The standard warranty is 1 year.

What kind of pallets are there?

We have several kinds of pallets, mini pallet, Euro pallet and block pallet.

A mini pallet is small, 80 x 60 cm and can have up to 300 kg of our mix(es)
a mini pallet is often used for shipments by air.

A Euro pallet, 120 x 80 cm
Can have up to 800 or sometimes even 1000 kg of our bakingmixes.
but this depends on the packaging. e.g. with 1 kg bags in a box,
the maximum is only 400 kg on the Euro pallet, to prevent the bottem boxes to collapse.
An euro pallet is mostly used for transport by truck.

Block pallets are 100 x 120 cm
and can have up to 1000 kg of baking mixes.

What are the shipping costs and how long will it take?

Up to 25 kg weight we can send it out by post in a box – in Europe.
If you want 50 kg, it will be 2 boxes.
The cost for a box up to 25 kg in Europe is around € 24,-

A pallet can have up to 1000 kg.

AU Austria 176,00  3 – 4 days
BG Bulgaria 160,00 5 – 7 days
CH Swiss 160,00 3 – 4 days
CZ Czechoslovakia 159,00 3 days
DE Germany 120,00 2 – 4 days
DE-R Germany Ruhr 85,00 2 – 3 days
DK Denmark 175,00 2 – 4 days
EE Estonia 160,00 3 – 5 days
ES Spain 225,00 3 – 4 days
FI Finland 225,00 3 – 5 days
FR-N France north 122,00 2 – 3 days
FR-Z France south 180,00 2 – 4 days
GB United Kingdom 160,00 5 – 7 days
HR Croatia 160,00 4 – 5 days
HU Hungary 160,00 3 – 4 days
IE Ireland 225,00 3 – 5 days
IT-N Italy north 170,00 3 – 4 days
IT-S Italy south 225,00 3 -5 days
LT Lithuania 160,00 4 – 5 days
LV Latvia 160,00 4 – 5 days
NO Norway 225,00 4 – 6 days
PL Poland 160,00 3 – 4 days
PT Portugal 225,00 4 – 6 days
RO Romania 160,00 5 – 7 days
SE-N Sweden north 225,00 3 – 5 days
SE-S Sweden south 175,00 3 – 4 days
SL Slovenia 160,00 3 – 4 days
SK Slovakia 160,00 3 – 4 days

Ex fuel surcharges and toll road.
Additional costs:
Packing & handling from 15 to 25 Euro for each pallet
Export documents for outside Europe: on request.
* Prices can change without notification.

Do you ship to Europe? And world wide?

Yes we sell worldwide by post, by truck by sea container by airplane.
Sometimes by train.

Do you sell outside Europe ?
Yes we sell to Asia, America, Africa and…. even Antartica.

How do I properly store pre-made batter?

I have made too much batter, can i store it in the fridge till tomorrow ?

Our baking mixes are designed for 1 purpose only,
and that is the best in customer experience possible.
This is where your profit is.

According to the Dutch food & health administration
you can keep the batter outside the fridge for maximum 1 hour.

This is for batter for Pancakes waffles poffertjes and Crepes.

Cover the bucket of the batter with a lid or a cloth.

Cold storage
Store the battter for max. 24 hrs in a fridge with maximum 7 degrees.

We advise to use the batter within 3 hours after preparation
or the function of the bakingpowder and or yeast will detariorate.

How do I properly store baking mix?

Problems with insects?
Did you ever heard about Wheat weevils ??
You dont want to find them in your bakingmix. READ MORE

How to prevent Wheat weevils
Keep your mix out of direct sunlight, try to store it as cold as possible.
at least below 25 degrees C

HELP – i have found some wheat weevils in my mix.  What can i do ?
You have two options now.
Dispose your mix directly, far away from your warehouse.
Clean it thouroughly a couple of days.

Or if your country has no food health code,
you can place the infested bags in a freezer as cold as possible.
Leave the mix here for 24 hours.
Siff the mix, untill it is clean.

Can you teach me how to make ‘stroop’ (syrup)?

Making stroop for stroopwafels is difficult. In our stroopwafelacademy we teach our students how to make stroop.

Do you also sell pre-made stroopwafels?

Yes we sell our premium stroopwafels worldwide.
Transport and shipping of stroopwafels is allways at risk of the customer.
For warm countries we advise cooled or frozen transport.

I want to make stroopwafels myselve. Can you help me ?
Yes. we can help you with the recipes, equipment, and training.

Visit our stroopwafelacademy or buy our E-book: All the sectrets of the stroopwafel.

What is the difference between a French crêpe and a Dutch pancake?

A crêpe is often sold as a snack, a pancake is used as a meal.
An American pancake is often used for breakfast.

Crêpes are often topped with sweets like Nutella or strawberry`s and whipped cream.

In the Netherlands we have pancake restaurants who serve sweet and savoury pancakes as a meal. These pancakes are 30 cm of diameter, often topped with apple, chesse and or bacon.
Our Easy-pancake system is perfect for making Dutch pancakes.

How do you clean a poffertjes plate?

Clean the poffertjes plate after use when necessary.

Use the scraper from the pannenkoekenwinkel webshop.


  • Turn the poffertjes plate off and wait until the plate cooled off a little bit. Cleaning it works best when the plate is still a little warm, but be careful it isn’t too hot or you will burn yourself.
  • Use protective clothing and safety goggles
  • Don’t scrape the plate totally clean, the black coating is an natural non stick coating
  • Just scrape the loose bits and use a vacuum cleaner to clean it up

Do you sell equipment?

You can buy various equipment such as: pancake pans, poffertjes plates, waffle machines, spatulas, forks and a lot more on the Pannenkoekenwinkel webshop.

Can’t find the equipment you’re looking for? Please contact us via

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Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Please contact us via We will get back to you within 24 hours.


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