Poffertjes bakingmix

What are poffertjes?

Poffertjes aka mini pancakes are a delicious treat from Dutch origin.
A Poffertje is a mini pancake from 44 mm to 65 mm in size.
slightly sweetened, very fluffy and delicious.
Basically there are two recipes. The old recipe from mostly buckwheat flour,
and the modern version with mostly wheat flour.
The modern Poffertjes recipe with wheatflour is the best in taste.

How are poffertjes made?

To make Poffertjes you need a poffertjespan or Poffertjes grill.
Originally Poffertjes are baked at a red cupper Poffertjesplate.
Nowdays cast iron is also used for electric poffertjesmachines.

Poffertjes are PROFIT !
Poffertjes are a easy way to make big profits.
the cost of a portion is between 18 and 28 cents, and can be sold between €3,50 and €6,00 depending on the location and country.

vandeMeester.com and poffertjes

Poffertjes are a traditional Dutch treat. Today, Poffertjes or minipancakes or Silver Dollar pancakes are sold worldwide. Even Burger King and Domino Pizza sell Poffertjes nowdays. Our company vandeMeester means something like `from the master`. We aim for the very very best in quality and taste so your customers  will come back, and bring their friends to enjoy together. Our Dutch company aims to be the world # 1 company for Poffertjes. How ? by making the best poffertjesmix possible.
We have over 25 years experience in poffertjesbusiness.

We sell and design Poffertjes machines electric or gas. We can advise in equipment and design for shops, kiosk and foodtrucks for clients worldwide.
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Lovely Poffertjes are heart shaped Poffertjes  .Lovely Poffertjes PDF NEW

Academy Visit our Poffertjesacademy for a live training. Or buy our Ebook.

Poffertjesmix Minipancakemix
We sell our professional Golden Poffertjesmix worldwide. Our packages:
10 kg bag only. Our Dutch Poffertjesmix is available in 1 or 5 kg packaging.

Our Golden poffertjesmix is designed for best customer experience and presentation. Our mix bakes perfect between 190 and 210 degrees celcius. Our Dutch poffertjesmix is easier to bake.

Our benefits:

  • Less smoke – better for your health. Lower temperature = less heat for the cooks/operators. We sell al lot to hot countries like the middle east for this reason as well. Easier to operate. Maximum fluffy inside.
  • We have all the documents needed for export worldwide.

Golden Poffertjes PDF infosheet

Private label is possible, also for supermarkets. Interested ? ask for a quote at info@vandemeester.com


We sell dispensers for poffertjes machines.
A poffertjes dispenser will make the work for the operator much easier and faster, up to 40%
more portions a hour = more profit.
We have state of the art stainless steel dispensers, 316 stainless steel only.

Poffertjes dispenser