About us


Our brand name “vandeMeester”, means “from the master” in Dutch. This is the standard we try to achieve in all our business.
All of our baking mixes are developed and perfected by the master himself, Dirk Okhuijsen. With over 20 years in experience in party & event catering in products, such as: pancakes, poffertjes, stroopwafels, crêpes, churros, donuts Pizza and waffles, we have served hundreds of thousands of guests in over 10.000 top notch events. vandeMeester.com started to develop authentic new recipes in 2013, which resulted in a cooperation with an industrial mixer for the baking mixes.

Currently we have a full range of premium baking mixes, equipment, full support and training for the fast food and confectionary industry, leisure and the hotel industry worldwide. We work together with big names in the baking mixes industry for our production of mixes. Thousands of kilos are sold weekly and find their way all over the continents by truck, train airplane or boat.

We are a official dealer for equipment such as Neumaerker, a German company specialised in equipment for waffles and pancakes. We are also constantly exploring and inventing new ways to improve the equipment or baking methods, so our clients can directly benefit from this. A result of this, is the Pancake-revolution.com concept; a more efficient way to make pancakes. A second example is our gas operated poffertjes grills. These are improved for less gas usage, with a saving of over 50%. It is our mission to improve and invent how to be more efficient, how to work faster and smarter.

Apart from baking mixes, vandeMeester.com also offers professional training.
We offer academy training for chefs and entrepreneurs and teach how to make stroopwafels, pancakes and waffles.

Many of our new clients are start-ups and are not only looking for a supplier, but also for help and guidance. This is exactly what we love to do: to help our clients to become successful.

Our team:
Dirk – CEO and int. sales
Master trainer for stroopwafels waffles pancakes and poffertjes.

Myrna – office and administration
Email: administration@vandemeester.com
Tel: 0031 645 110025

Elout – International sales & advisor
Tel: 0031 527 769 087

Jeannet – Marketing and research
Bianca – product development and trainings

Stella – DTP and video marketing
Luuk – warehouse and logistics
Cynthia – Stroopwafelbakery

Dirk Okhuijsen 

I would like to introduce myself as the CEO of VandeMeester.com. Founder of this company since 2013. I have been an entrepreneur for 40 years in different branches. The last decade I’ve been focused on the fun-food industry and event management. During these years, I developed the skills and experience to build my current company and accelerate the growth of it. When I start a project I am dedicated and enthusiastic.

In my private life this dedication results in a fanatic passion for martial arts and running. You can find me two or three times a week in the Dojo for KungFu sessions or running miles, preferable in the green nature. I love to travel for leisure or business and always take the opportunity to run in an different and foreign setting. The physical effort  keeps me sharp, with body and mind. People know me as passionate about my work, always ready to innovate and improve.

How may I help you ?

Dirk Okhuijsen, CEO