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Dutch Foodconcepts
for waffleshop, fastfood restaurant, foodtruck, kiosk, lunchroom, icecream parlour and.. for you?


From a passion to international succes.
Providing clients from all over the world our equipment, bakingmixes and training needed
to grow their Dutch food business with Stroopwafels, Poffertjes Pancakes and Waffles.

vandeMeester.com is an international enterprise with passion and feeling for Dutch foodconcepts.
We have over 25 years of experience.
The main focus of vandeMeester.com is to help entrepreneurs, companies and restaurants to make top quality Dutch food products.

Together with our business partners and suppliers, we introduce  Dutch products like Stroopwafels, Pancakes and Poffertjes all over the world.
Our key markets are: The Netherlands, Europe, The United States of America, Canada, Australia, South America, Africa, and especially the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Due to our years of international sales experience we understand the various needs and wishes of our customers.
Our products and suppliers are qualified (ISO BRC, IFS HACCP) to give you the requested quality.
Besides providing a high quality assortment of our products, innovation of new products with a sharp eye for a good price-quality balance is one of our focuses.
Private label bakingmixes are available from 250 kg.


Brilliant in taste, only add water and some love
Our premium BAKING MIXES offer you a high profit opportunity for any business.

American Pancakes
French Crêpes 
Oliebollen / Dutch donuts

Download our assortiment in Dutch: AssortimentNL
Download our assortiment in English: BakingmixesUK

With our fair rates and high quality standards it is our goal to become the global leader in our market.

EQUIPMENT – We sell a full range of gas and electric funfood equipment.
We offer equipment as standalone units, or production lines

EXPORT – We serve our clients for the fastfood and confectionary industry, leisure and the hotel industry worldwide.

Ook interesse om onze bakmixen in uw assortiment op te nemen?
Stuur een mailtje naar info@vandemeester.com voor meer info.

Interested to become a distributor of our products?
send us a email to info@vandemeester.com for info.

We have a distributor for most of our products in Vilnius  lithuania
We have a agent / distributor available for our stroopwafel products in Riyadh KSA from april 1 2022
We are currently in negotiation for an exclusive dealer in the United Kingdom.

Academy and consultancy

Start your Dutch food business with all the knowledge about the product and business possibillities.
If you want to start your business, but you have doubts and questions? Can I become successful ?
How to make the recipes that my clients will love ?

Choose a training at our academy. The best investment that you can do is in yourself.
We help you to start your business in confidence with all the knowledge that you need.
Our training program includes the full recipes, toppings, presentations
pricing, handling, inventory, branding, marketing and more. Much much more.

Consultancy – we help industries to start up their stroopwafelcarrousel
or stroopwafelproductionline.

Had a GREAT training from Dirk
teaching me all the secrets of the stroopwafel recipe

Stropis, Sweden

Dirk helped us with the startup of our poffertjes and stroopwafel business here in Cairo, from the recipes to the complete training of our staff
and the choice of our foodtruck locations.

Dutch Delights, Egypt

Dirk helped us starting up with the Poffertjes house in our Dutch village,
and trained our complete poffertjes team.

Europa Park, Germany

Poffertjes minipancakes

Academy vandeMeester.com

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Current projects:
– Our staff is helping to start up production of a stroopwafel productionline in Iran.


– Delivery installation and training of our best model poffertjes dispenser in Europapark Germany.


– We have various stroopwafel projects running in the middle east, Riyadh, Damman. Jeddah in KSA, Baghdad Iraqi, Kuwait Dubai and Egypt.


– Delivery of professional poffertjes equipment in the USA:  Houston, Frisco, New York


– Various projects for Kaldi Netherlands.


– Poffertjes equipment training and private label bakingmixes for a Spanish ice cream company.


And much more. Update 25-02-2022



Other projects:
Introducing Poffertjes in Italy with Chipstar.
Poffertjes and Stroopwafelstands at 5 locations in Egypt for Dutch Delights.
Training the team at Poffertjeshouse in Europapark Germany.
Helped our client in Croatia to set up his Poffertjes business at 20 locations
We designed the protein pancake recipe for a Dutch health celebrity,
this product is now for sale in our Jumbo supermarkets.
We helped to set up the waffle & pancake shop at the Curaçao airport.
And much more.
How can we help you?

We have clients in:
Holland – Belgium – Germany – Danmark – Sweden – Norway – Finland– Lithuania – Hungary – Romania – Estland -Latvia – Poland – Slovenia – Servia – Croatia -Bulgaria – Italy – Zwitserland – Austria -Luxemburg – France – Spain – Portugal – Greece – Malta – United Kingdom – Ireland – Israel – Egypt – Bahrein – Saudi Arabia – Abu Dhabi – Lebanon – Irak – Iran – Ghana – Ivory coast – Guadeloupe – Cameroon – Marocco – Oman – Kazachstan  – Ukraine – United states of America – Canada – Greenland – Curaçao – South Africa – Mexico – Brasilia – Paraguay – Panama – Argentinia – Australia – New Zealand – India – Thailand –  Malaysia – Vietnam – Japan and China