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From a passion to international succes.

vandeMeester.com is an international enterprise with passion for Dutch food concepts. We are located in The Netherlands.

Our DUTCH webshop – voor onze Nederlandse klanten.

Our INTERNATIONAL webshop – if you are not from the Netherlands. (beta)

The main focus of our company is to help entrepreneurs, companies, restaurants and foodtrucks to make top quality Dutch food products. We guide you in setting up your business with our technical knowhow and commercial expertise for a broad range of funfoods and concession supplies.

WORLDWIDE Our concession supplies and equipment for Poffertjes Pancakes waffles and Stroopwafels are sold all over the world.

Our products

We sell equipment and baking mixes for:

Poffertjes / Dutch mini pancakes –

Stroopwafels –

Pancakes – Dutch / Crêpes / American

Liege waffles – Brussels waffles – Americano waffles – Lolly waffles –

Bubble waffles – Pizza waffles – Spanish Churros –

Oliebollen ( Dutch Donuts) –

Donuts –

Popcorn and Candy Floss


We design and produce equipment

for professional use.

Poffertjes grills electric and gas operated.

Poffertjes dispenser systems.

Stroopwafel machines. Pancake machines.

We buy and sell Foodtrucks and Foodtrailers.


Our baking mixes are specially designed with one purpose only.

The BEST taste possible for the buying customer.

Easy to use: Only add water, mix and ready for use. Packaging from 1 kg and 10 kg

Academy & Consultancy

Students from over 60 countries have visited our academy for stroopwafels and our Academy for Poffertjes.

We teach our students how to make their own recipes and how to start their business.

Upon request we travel to our clients to train their staff.

Our clients

We have clients in:

Holland – Belgium – Germany – Denmark – Sweden – Norway – Finland – Lithuania – Hungary – Estland – Romania – Estland – Latvia – Poland – Slovenia – Servia – Croatia – Bulgaria – Italy – Suisse – Austria – Luxemburg – France – Spain – Portugal – Greece – Malta – Turkey – United Kingdom – Ireland – Israel – Egypt – Bahrein – KSA Saudi Arabia – Abu Dhabi – Oman – Dubai – Lebanon – Irak – Iran – Ethiopia -Ghana – Ivory Coast – Guadeloupe – Dominican Republic – Cameroon – Marocco – Kazachstan – Ukraine – Russia – United States of America USA – Canada – Greenland – Curaçao – South Africa – Mexico – Brasilia – Paraguay – Panama – Argentinia – Chili – Australia – Vanuatu – New Zealand – India – Myanmar – Thailand – Malaysia – Vietnam – Japan and China

Trotse stroopwafelbakkers

Al onze (h)eerlijke stroopwafels worden met de hand gebakken door bijzondere stroopwafel bakkers, mensen met een afstand tot de arbeidsmarkt. Met onze stroopwafels geeft u ze een kans om met plezier terug te keren naar de werkvloer. Een stroopwafel eten was nog nooit zo lekker sociaal!

Wilt u onze stroopwafels verkopen in uw winkel?

Onze stroopwafelfabriek

In onze eigen stroopwafel bakkerij worden dagelijks vers heerlijke roomboter stroopwafels gebakken en verzonden.
Ons assortiment bestaat uit 8,5 cm roomboter stroopwafels in pakjes van 8 stuks, en de 13 cm stroopwafels per doos van 150 stuks.

Deze 13 cm stroopwafels zijn ideaal voor de horeca ijssalon of wafelshop. Perfect door u zelf te decoreren met chocolade en spikkels.

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Starten met een poffertjeskraam? Starten met een stroopwafelkraam? Pannenkoekenrestaurant of foodtruck beginnen? Wij helpen u graag.


Our location

  • Street: J.Marisstraat 12
  • Zipcode: 8316 GE
  • Place: Marknesse
  • Country: the Netherlands
  • Email: info@vandemeester.com
  • Tel: +31 (0) 527769087
  • Whatsapp: +31 (0) 6218 42 744
Our current projects

PDF info sheets Pancake-Revolution Stroopwafel equipment
Frozen Yoghurt and Poffertjes

In Spain we had our Poffertjes machine with dispenser installed at a Frozen Yoghurt store at a high end tourist location.  In total 11 locations will be equipped with our Poffertjes concept.

Stroopwafel production line set-up

vandeMeester helped to install adjust and start up of a stroopwafel production line in Iran.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Dirk trained us to make the best stroopwafels and poffertjes in Sweden



Dirk helped us with the startup of our Poffertjes and Stroopwafel business here in Caïro, from the recipes to the complete training of our staff and the choice of our foodtruck locations.

Dutch Delights


Dirk helped us starting up with the poffertjes house in our Dutch Village

and trained our complete Poffertjes team.

Europa Park



Our Team

Passionate about our products and service.

Our sales team is waiting for your orders and questions. Myrna – Elout – Luuk
Yoel – Cynthia – Bianca


Dirk Okhuijsen