Belgian waffles are worldfamous and are almost everywhere.

If you want to start a business with waffles,
Which waffle do you choose ?

 The Liege waffle
Is the most famous waffle now.
Heavy and sweet from itself, filled with pearl suger
or topped with chocolat, strawberry`s and whipped cream.
The original recipe is with frozen dough balls.
We prefer our mix, only add water, stirr, and ready for use.
Also, ourmix contains less fat, even the Liege people loves our unique recipe.

Our service:
Waffle machines, wafflemix
toppings and trainings.


 Brussels waffle
This square waffle is lighter, and fluffier than theLiege waffle,
and a perfect base for your toppings.

We sell Brussel waffle machines, Brussel waffle mix
and we train you and your staff.

 Lolly waffle

The lightweight waffles on a stick
are easy to decorate and to set in your display.
People, especially children will be attracted by them.

We sell Lollywaffle machine, Lollywafflemix, and we train you and your staff.

 The X waffle
Is a waffle in two parts,
a cup to fill, and a lidd toclose the waffle.
Only a napkin is needed, this waffle is easy to eat from your hand.


The latest trend in Europe.
Make the waffle in the special Bubbelwafflemachine,
shape the waffle as a cone,
and fill it in a luxury style.


Our services

We sell wafflemix
we sell wafflemakers
we sell waffle stands

we provide training for you and your staff, worldwide
or in our academy.