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Stroopwafels baking mix

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What is the famous stroopwafel exactly?
A stroopwafel is a Dutch cookie, sliced and glued together with stroop (caramel).
When freshly baked, nobody can resist the smell and taste of the stroopwafel.
This typical Dutch product can nowdays be found all over the world in shops and supermarkets.

How are stroopwafels made?
A stroopwafel doughball is placed in the stroopwafel machine, closed and baked.
The stroopwafel baker moves the baked cookie to the cutting board, and slices the cookie in two halves.
The warm stroop is poored onto one of the cookies, the other cookie is placed on top, and pressed so that the stroop is evenly spread.
Eat the stroopwafel while it is still warm for the best experience.

How to sell stroopwafels?
The best option is from a shop, kiosk or foodtruck.
Sell the BIG ones, they make the best profit. We call them Superstroopwafels.
The smell while baking will enchant everybody to come, look and taste.

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We sell everything for the professional stroopwafel shop.

vandeMeester.com and stroopwafels

Everybody loves our Dutch stroopwafels.
Now you can buy our Dutch delicacy almost everywhere in the world.

Nothing beats a freshly baked stroopwafel.
If you are interested to start selling stroopwafels, we love to help.
– We sell packed stroopwafels for export. Our brand: Orangestroopwafels.com
– we sell stroopwafel equipment
– we sell bakingmix for stroopwafelcookies
– we sell stroop and caramel
– Visit our stroopwafelacademy.com to learn all the recipes, and how to cook the stroop or caramel.

In 2016 vanDeMeester.com started producing stroopwafelmix. We’ve sold our stroopwafel bakingmix now to hundreds of customers from all over the world. We’ve mastered the recipe by listning to the wishes of our clients.
Our stroopwafelmix now is a better product than the original stroopwafel dough balls.
Taste is better, less fat, cheaper than the doughballs, no freezer needed.

We sell equipment 220 volt and 110 volts. Single, stand alone stroopwafel machines.

Our professional Bake-Master stroopwafelmachine is designed for daily use.
The steel baking plates are designed for heavy duty operation.

We sell semi automatic production lines for stroopwafels up to 36.000 stroopwafels an hour.
We sell automated production lines for stroopwaffles
up to 6000 packages in one hour.
Looking for a used stroopwafelmachine ? Ask for our stock if we have a second hand stroopwafelmachine available.

We sell ready made stroop. Homemade, and we can adjust the recipe as you wishes.
Stroop for a warm country should be different than stroop for a cold country.
NEW – For export we advise our stroop powder.
This powder has a very long shelf life, and is easy to use.
Fill the pan with water, add the powder, heat up and… voila.. stroop.



Our stroopwafelacademy is located in the Netherlands. We teach you all about the recipe,
the temperatures, the techniques, packaging and storage. How to make the stroop ? or caramel ? We know how.

Starting your own business in stroopwafels ?
We can help you to become a professional from day one.