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Our packaging is from 500 grams to 25 kg.
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Our Easy Pancake concept
Is brilliant for restaurants lunchrooms and foodtrucks
who also have pancakes on their menu.
Our special machine cooks the pancake in just one minute.



Our Easy pancake mix can also be used in Pancake caroussel, or in the cookingpan.

Our Pannekoeken are usually larger – 30 Cm –  and  thinner than their American or Scotch pancake counterparts, but not so thin as Crêpes. They may incorporate slices of bacon, salmon, pears, apples, cheese, or raisins. Plain ones are often eaten with treacle (syrup made of sugar beets), appelstroop (an unspiced Dutch variety of apple butter) or (powdered) sugar and are sometimes rolled up to be eaten by hand or with cutlery.
Basic ingredients are flour (plain, self-rising or both), milk, salt, and eggs. The addition of buckwheat flour (up to 50 percent) is traditional, but much less common nowadays. Milk can be replaced with soy milk without changing the end result.
The ingredients are beaten into a batter of a fairly liquid consistency. A ladle of batter is then pan fried in butter or oil. Once the top of the pannekoek is dry and the edges start to brown, it can be flipped over. The first one is often less than perfect. At home a stack of Pannekoeken can be made in advance so everyone can eat at the same time, or people can take turns at the stove.
Pannekoeken can be, and often are, eaten as a main course, served warm; in winter Pannekoeken are sometimes eaten after snort in a two course meal. Pannekoeken are a popular choice for a child’s birthday meal in the Netherlands and Belgium. Specialized Pannekoeken restaurants are common in the Netherlands and Belgium (“Pannekoekenhuizen” = pancakes houses). They often offer a very wide range of toppings and ingredients, traditional and modern (e.g. cheese, oregano and salami on a pizza-pannekoek).

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