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Pancake bakingmixes

What kind of pancakes are there? What is the difference? between them?


How are Dutch pancakes made?


The three different pancakes

Dutch pancakes
American pancakes
French crêpes

Bakingmix for pancakes
We make ready mixes, only to add water.
For professionals, restaurants and supermarkets worldwide.
Private label is available.
Our packaging is from 500 grams to 25 kg.
Visit our stand at the PLMA in Amsterdam.


Our Easy-Pancake concept
Is brilliant for restaurants lunchrooms and foodtrucks who also have pancakes on their menu.
Our special machine bakes the pancake in only one minute, without stress or heat.

for Dutch,
easy-pancakes for the English version.

Frozen Pancakes
We sell frozen pancakes for restaurants foodtrucks and consumers.
A pancake is 30 cm in diameter, and around 150 gram each.
4 pancakes in a pack.
Shelf life: Cooled 14 days, frozen 3 months