We are vandeMeester.com, specialists in the development of baking mixes with our own recipes for pancakes, poffertjes, crêpes, waffles and stroopwafels. We develop our mixes with the best ingredients for the perfect taste. With more than 25 years of experience in sales, we are looking at the reactions of our customers. We are not satisfied with “tasty”. Of course we work together with the best suppliers and specialists in our field.

We already do business with over 600 customers in 33 different countries. You can find our products all around the world. Our customers are even located in countries where you do not expect a typical Dutch product, such as in Kazakhstan or Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

In addition to our own developed mixes, our customers can also come to us for equipment, small items, disposables and rental. Take a look at our webshop www.pannenkoekenwinkel.nl

We have set up an Experience Center in our company. Of course you can always come and visit us. Here you can get acquainted with equipment from, among others, Neumärker. There is also the possibility to try out the equipment. Taste, view and experience the taste of the baking mixes and professional equipment of our company.

We are also specialists in pancakes. Look at www.easy-pancakes.nl. Easy Pancakes is developed for the fast catering industry such as fast food restaurants, lunchrooms, eatery, ice cream parlor, kiosk and company canteens. What is so special about Easy Pancakes? It has a great taste and color, with a diameter of 30 cm, is cooked within only 1 minute and without heat and heavy pan workouts.

To make sure that knowledge is never lost, we also offer various training courses and workshops in our academy. The possibility for an online training to a master class on location.

Coaching for starting your own business or improving your business is also an option offered by vandeMeester.com.

In short, vandeMeester.com is a total supplier of knowledge, equipment and raw materials to help you bake the best and tastiest pancakes, poffertjes, crêpes, waffles and stroopwafels.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

For us is the plastic soup in the ocean also a problem that we do not want to make bigger. As a result, our vision is focused on corporate social responsibility. We do our part by making our packaging from biodegradable paper. We also work together with an organization that focuses on the development of people with a relatively large distance from the labor market. As example they help us with the packing activities.

We help and guide entrepreneurs
and cooks in the hospitality industry
with our products;

pancakes & Crêpes 
waffles / Dutch syrup waffles

To prepare our products at the highest quality possible,
through our quality raw materials / mix,
the best equipment,
and personal training

So you can stand out.

​Do you want to start your own business ?
We can help you from A to Z

Choice of location
Choice of stand kiosk or foodtruck
Choice of assortiment
Presentation and promotion
We train your staff.

We are a small company, growing weekly

We serve 32 countries at this moment.

How can i help you ?

Dirk Okhuijsen CEO

Mike Harman de la Brethoniere – Sales Netherlands