Poffertjes Academy


What will you learn at the Academy?

Training – Poffertjes / Dutch minipancakes
We teach you our best basic recipe all techniques, timing and temperatures.
Equipment gas or electric what to choose?
Toppings and presentation – discover new trends worldwide.
– This training is the perfect choice if you want to operate at a professional daily base
and when you prefer to work with a ready mix.
Poffertjes intensive 1 day training
Becoming successful as a poffertjes entrepreneur takes steps.
The first step is to be prepared.
We prepare you for every situation possible.
The training in our academy gives you all the knowledge necessery.
We will teach you all about the recipes, also the gluten free and vegan recipes
the baking technique, temperatures presentation, and more.

Sales techniques, marketing, tips & tricks are also included.
* Our training earns itself well within 14 days operational / guaranteed

MASTERCLASS Dutch minipancakes A two day intensive entrepreneur training.
Day 1: We welcome you at our academy at 09.30
First we have a meeting with coffee, tea, a stroopwafel and an introduction of ourselves.
Who are you, and what are your plans, where and how,
so i can determinate how to help you best.
A foodtruck in Spain is very different from a kiosk in lets say Oman.
11.00 Theoretics – History, equipment health and ingredients. A simple explanation of what to use and why So you can make the right decisions in your country.
Equipment – gas or electric ? Lets do both.
13.00 Roll up your sleeves,  make your first batter, and take the first steps to cooking the minipancakes. Lets Taste, smell, and look at the structure of the cooked poffertjes.
13.30 I really need my lunch, you probably had poffertjes ?
14.00 Techniques and temperatures of cooking, practice, practice and practice more.
16.00 Presentation and toppings
The day ends around 17.30

Day 2: Start 10.00
Today is all about your business plan, marketing, social media, finance, pricing,
mindset, goals and opportunities.
Working solo or with employees ?
Who is your ideal customer, where to find them, how to attract them to buy from you. How to work smarter and make more profit with the same working hours.
I guarantee you an extra profit of minimum 80 euros every day
With only 100 customers a day !
You have gained the total costs of your training with this formula only after 20 days of operation. So, still have any doubts?

Every day is different with every student, so maybe we are done at 17.00 or maybe at 20.00

Ask for our special offer. info@vandemeester.com

DUTCH ONLY:  Poffertjes intensief training
Als poffertjes ondernemer succesvol worden gaat niet vanzelf.
Slim werken loont.
Uiteraard leer ik u de recepten klassiek en modern, glutenvrij, etc.
bakken, techniek, temperaturen, presentatie, maar….
Ik geef U ook een template voor succes en het ondernemersplan.
Vergunningen, regelgeving, standplaatsen, wat werkt, en wat niet, en waarom.
1 dag van 10 tot plm 20 uur.

  • All prices are ex VAT
    Payment is by bank in advance or cash on the day.

Practical information

Our academy is open for trainings every tuesday and every thursday, except for holidays. Other days are available upon request. Saturdays and sundays are possible, but we will charge you an additional fee.

We are located in The Netherlands. Please find the full address on the contact page. We also travel worldwide to teach on a desired location.

Self-teaching via e-book

Are you interested in an Academy poffertjes training, but you are unable to come to The Netherlands? For you we have our e-book available.

  • Poffertjes – The Complete Guide (€395,-)

All recipes and instructions are included. One year free customer service is included.

Interested in the e-book? Please contact via: info@vandemeester.com or +316 21842744. 

Our Academy also offers training for:

Pancakes – Waffles – Stroopwafels