FAQ Group: Shipping and transport

What kind of pallets are there?

We have several kinds of pallets, mini pallet, Euro pallet and block pallet. A mini pallet is small, 80 x 60 cm and can have up to 300 kg of our mix(es)a mini pallet is often used for shipments by air. A Euro pallet, 120 x 80 cmCan have up to 800 or sometimes even…
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What are the shipping costs and how long will it take?

Up to 25 kg weight we can send it out by post in a box – in Europe.If you want 50 kg, it will be 2 boxes.The cost for a box up to 25 kg in Europe is around € 24,- PalletsA pallet can have up to 1000 kg. AU Austria 176,00  3 – 4…
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Do you ship to Europe? And world wide?

Yes we sell worldwide by post, by truck by sea container by airplane.Sometimes by train. Do you sell outside Europe ?Yes we sell to Asia, America, Africa and…. even Antartica.