is a Dutch based POFFERTJES company.
Pancakes big and small are our passion.
Poffertjes minipancakes are conquering the world.
Dutch minipancakes are a delicious treat for young and old.

We sell the best poffertjes and pancake mix possible.  Worldwide.

Not our words, but from our clients.

Monday september 24 from 12 to 20 o`clock
we open our doors and company for our friends and clients to taste, try and talk about the business and opportunities for poffertjes, pancakes, crepes and waffles.
Location: Handelskade 1 Emmeloord The Netherlands

Company mission
We see it as our mission to bring the best in poffertjes and pancakes
to consumers all around the world
by helping and inspire local entrepreneurs who work with our materials and products.
Start your own business ? – we can help you from A to Z.

637 clients
in 34 countries
219.000 kg mix sold
Our partners sell over 1 million portions of our products annually

We develop high quality baking mixes for professionals.
Private label is available from small quantities.

Our products:
We provide our own design mixes, equipment and training for;
Poffertjes & Pancakes
Crêpes & Belgium Waffles
Bubbelwaffles & Waffles on a stick
Churros & Stroopwafels

Order online, safe and fast in our webshop

For Europe  Nederlands


We help and guide entrepreneurs and cooks in the hospitality industry to prepare our products at the highest quality possible,
through our quality materials / mix, the best equipment,
and personal training at our Academy
Poffertjesacademy – Stroopwafelacademy – Pancakeacademy
(Yes, we also do waffles.)

Experience centre
Visit our Neumaerker experience centre to test our equipment and products
without any obligation.


 Poffertjes in business 
Our concept for poffertjes, pancakes,and or stroopwafels.
All the Dutch snacks, like fries, pancakes, poffertjes
stroopwafels, and more.
Use this concept to sell poffertjes / minipancakes.

are our templates for kiosks,
shops and shops in shops – all around the world.
Poffertjes are an amazing profitable business model.
Join the winners.

 Easy Pancakes
The modern and lucrative way of pancakes business.
We change the way how pancakes are made.

We improved the recipe BIG TIME we are the competition to beat.

 vandeMeester Candy  –
Stroopwafel Chocolates. Amazingly addictive
Dutch cookies like stroopwafels, (mini)speculaas, and more.

 Frozen pancakes and poffertjes for retail –
Best in quality for restaurants and supermarkets worldwide.
In cooperation with Timmfood
This cargo bike is designed for profit – fast – and a lot
An ideal instrument for franchise.
Boost your business from only ? – on request.

The Cargobike is suitable for;
Coffee, tea, Crêpes, Pancakes, stroopwafels, Waffles, Candy,
poffertjes, or ………?



Client reactions:

Best Poffertjes in the Middle east
-Dutch ambassador in Lebanon

These Poffertjes are the best in the world.
-Customer from New York, visiting the Albert Cuyp market.

Contact us now: Tel 0031 527 769 087 or Whattsapp: 0031 6218 42 744

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Our international agents;

Tio Pofferito
France  Spain Germany


We have clients in: Holland -Belgium -Germany -Danmark -Sweden -Norway -Lithuania -Romania -Estland -Servia -Croatia -Italy -Malta -Zwitserland -Austria -Luxemburg -France -Spain -Portugal -Greece -United Kingdom -Ireland -Malta -Egypt -Saudi Arabia -Lebanon -Ghana -Oman -Kazachstan -Vietnam -United states of America -Canada -South Africa -Paraguay