is an international company located in the Netherlands.
Our specialisation;
Stroopwafels, pancakes waffles & Poffertjes ( mini pancakes )
premium baking mixes, equipment, full support and training
for the fastfood and confectionary industry, Leisure and the hotel industry worldwide.

Our company and developers are commited to aim for best quality possible
with our products, like our baking mixes, but also with our customer service.
Yet, against fair pricing it is our goal to become a leader in our market.

We have a full range of gas and electric equipment for Pancakes, Crêpes, Minipancakes, Belgiumwaffles and stroopwafels. We ship worldwide.

Our quality baking mixes stroopwafels and equipment are conquering the world.
As a wholesale company we sell the best premium (private label) baking mixes for fastfood leisure and retail companies.
We are NVWA E-certified for fast and easy export documents,
our client portal contains all the ingrediënt specifications for export outside of Europe. 

We have;

717 clients – in 44 countries – 261.000 kg mix sold

Visit our Funfood Academy
We help and guide entrepreneurs and cooks in the hospitality industry to prepare our products at the highest quality possible,
through our quality materials / mix, the best equipment,
and personal training at our Academy


Consultancy – Our team can help you with industrial developement 
for the production of ready and frozen products.
Certification – Highest standards in the world. BRC and NVWA E-cert approved.
We sell equipment as standalone units or stroopwafel & waffles production lines  capacities from 2.800 up till 36.000 pieces a hour.

Our products:

Poffertjes / mini pancakes
French Crêpes

American Pancakes
Hollandse pannenkoeken
Easy Pancakes – the modern pancake
Dutch English & German pancakes
Liege waffles
Brussels waffles 
Waffles on a stick
X waffles
Americano waffles


Order online, safe and fast in our webshop.
UK and Europe                                                      Dutch      

For clients outside Europe
Please ask for a quote. We ship worldwide.

No time to visit our academy?
start of with our E-books
E-book How to make minipancakes /Poffertjes
E-book How to make Stroopwafels and stroop
Interested? send us a email

Experience centre
Visit our Neumaerker experience centre to test our equipment and products
without any obligation.


 Poffertjes in business 
Our concept for poffertjes, pancakes, waffles and or stroopwafels.
Use this concept to sell poffertjes / mini pancakes.

Is it a franchise ?
Almost, but without obligations costs and provisions.
These are our templates for kiosks, leisure
shops and shops in shops – all around the world.
Poffertjes are an amazing profitable business model.
This concept is allready operational in Amsterdam, Luxemburg and Curacao.

 Easy Pancakes
The modern and lucrative way of pancakes business.
We change the way how pancakes are made in the hospitality industry.

It takes only 1 minute to cook a perfectly freshly baked Easy Pancake
without stress or heat. 
Ideal for restaurants fastfood and leisure.

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Best Poffertjes in the Middle east
-Dutch ambassador in Lebanon

These Poffertjes are the best in the world.
-Customer from New York, visiting the Albert Cuyp market.

Our clients;

We have clients in: Holland -Belgium – Germany – Danmark – Sweden – Norway -Lithuania -Romania -Estland -Latvia – Slovenia – Servia – Croatia -Bulgaria – Italy – Zwitserland – Austria -Luxemburg – France – Spain – Portugal – Greece – Malta – United Kingdom – Ireland – Israel – Egypt – Bahrein – Saudi Arabia -Lebanon – Ghana – Ivory coast – Marocco – Oman – Kazachstan –  Malaysia – Vietnam – United states of America – Canada – Curaçao – South Africa – Mexico – Brasilia –  Paraguay – Australia


Contact us now: Tel 0031 527 769 087 or Whattsapp: 0031 6218 42 744

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